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Design Review & Verification

Correct and appropriate electrical design is fundamental in ensuring the safety and statutory compliance of any electrical installation located in a hazardous area.


Design defects identified after or during construction are often the most time consuming and difficult to rectify, and may severely compromise the explosion protection of the installation. A dedicated review of the hazardous area specific requirements prior to the issue of 'for construction' documents helps avoid costly schedule impacts during project commissioning.

The objective of our electrical design verification work is to establish that the design will deliver an electrical installation which meets the requirements set by local or international hazardous area standards,along with any additional criteria specified by our client. Our hazardous area verification procedures describe a systematic and methodical process to ensure that electrical installations located in hazardous areas are correctly designed a and that all aspects of the specified criteria are correctly implemented.

Following design review work we provide deliverable documents which set out our conclusions clearly and unambiguously. We work together with our client to reach best value solutions to any recommendations for change that we may make.

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