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Hazardous Area Classification

Before the suitability of any electrical installation located in a hazardous area can be determined it is necessary to ensure that the hazardous area characteristics are correctly defined.

Petrotex completes hazardous area classification studies for all sizes and types of facility. From a single flammable liquid storage cabinet to complex fuel refineries, offshore installations and manufacturing processes involving combustible dusts, establishing an appropriate hazardous area classification approach is a fundamental first step towards ensuring safety.


Each hazardous area classification project is unique and the approach taken depends on many factors. Whether it is by the straightforward application of examples from hazardous area classification literature or by a more thorough analysis of fluid properties, mathematical or CFD modeling of release behaviour and ventilation airflow we will establish appropriate and workable hazardous area zone extents which ensure electrical safety, while striking the correct balance with operability and cost. 

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