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Verification & Assurance

The potentially catastrophic consequences associated with the ignition of flammable atmospheres means that electrical installations located in hazardous areas require a higher level of scrutiny than is normally given to conventional electrical installations.

The explosion protection provided by approved electrical equipment can very easily be compromised by inappropriate design or poor installation practices. In recognition of this many top tier operators and government safety regulators now consider that completed electrical installations require the same level of third party scrutiny as is afforded to other safety critical processes.

Petrotex completes all types of hazardous area installation verification. From the initial inspection  of a new electrical installation to meeting your periodic inspection obligations we can develop appropriate assurance programs which are relevant to your site conditions and to the installed equipment. We provide expert hazardous area input during factory acceptance tests to ensure that hazardous area non compliance concerns are properly addressed at the factory before shipment. Our third party inspection and audit programs provide the installation owner assurance that the product you receive from your construction contractor satisfies every aspect of the relevant industry standard, follows best construction practice and is safe to go into service.


In Queensland we  provide government accredited hazardous area auditors to ensure your statutory obligations are met.

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